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Customer REVIEWS

The right angle VMAS provided the solution I needed for a low profile antenna as well as antenna routing / connection that doesn't get in the way or interfere. It's an antenna you won't know is there, but is there when you need it. It goes without saying the quality is top notch...looks great, works great.


Very well made, high quality, durable piece of kit.


With a VMAS I have reliably reached and maintained comms with FW strike aircraft at distances greater than 10NM all while using a 5W power output.
In summary, I cannot recommend this antenna enough.


I have controlled numerous stacks of current DOD assets at once with this antenna from inside a hardened structure on the side of a steep ravine with no issues. Once that night occurred, I was sold. Multiple teammates purchased the antenna as well after that one night. and even those non crypto loading mouth breathers like them because it screws on and off.

Iron Cross Echo

I bought a PTT off of amazon for 70 dollars and was completely disappointed. After searching reviews on YouTube, I found a PTT from Disco 32. The difference in the quality of the two products was obvious.