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The Vest Mounted Antenna System (VMAS) is designed to be worn by the U.S. military communicator. This model features an all black BNC or Quick Detach connector and will more than likely need an adapter to couple with your transceiver. 

The VMAS is a body-worn antenna optimized for intra-squad communications (30-512 MHz) with handheld radios.

The VMAS runs from a handheld radio placed in a kit over the shoulder and threads into the webbing on the back of the communicator.  

The VMAS is covered with an abraded sleeve to better resist cuts and abrasions. The material has a UL and CSA flame resistant rating of VW-1 and is Berry Amendment compliant.

The VMAS provides the radio operator several tactical advantages compared to long whip antennas. Communications link performance is maintained without hindering the users vision or movement, while the lack of signature helps provide better tactical concealment. 

Unsurpassed range, performance and construction make the VMAS the antenna of choice for VHF/UHF tactical radio operators. 

The VMAS easily connects to military and commercial handheld radios via one of two standard connection types. Black low loss RF hardware is standard. 

Frequency Range: 30MHz-512MHz
Impedance: 50ohm
Connector: BNC Male
VSWR: <2.3 (30-110MHz)*
VSWR: <3.5 (110-300MHz)*
VSWR: <4.4 (300-512MHz)*
Polarization: vertical
Gain: up to 3.5dBi
Max power: 10W

*Measured with the worn antenna in standard configuration. 

*Adapter pack includes the Black QD Adapter and the Black Quick Detachment for Military Handheld Radios.  

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