I did not receive an order confirmation what do I do? 

If you do not receive an order confirmation within 3 hours of your order being placed please email disco32@disco32.com

When will my order ship? 

We are a small manufacturer. Most items we sell are manufactured in house. When your order is placed it goes directly to manufacturing. Three to five business days is standard. 

Some orders take five to eight business days during peak manufacturing times. We reserve the right to prioritize orders going to military customers. 

What if I want to return something? 

If you receive a product with manufacturing or materials defects, please send an email to disco32@disco32.com and we will make it right.  This applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. We reserve the right to request proof of purchase  when processing claims. 

For any other reason, we're happy to return or exchange unused, undamaged, defect-free products still in their original packaging within fourteen (14) days of the shipping date. You will be required to pay all shipping charges back to us as well as cover all shipping charges of the new product back to you. There will also be a 10% restocking fee for any items that are returned to cover the cost of restocking and inspecting returned products. 

Older version of products cannot be exchanged for their newer versions!

What is the effective range of the vest mounted antenna?

Most operators will notice an immediate increase of reception of faint signals. Transmissions depend on radio output and a variety of factors including terrain, atmospherics and weather. The antenna has seen good transmit ranges in open and restricted terrain.

It is not going to give you the same ranges as a fully extended long whip antenna. It is not a "magic" antenna.

This antennas VSWR will change drastically due to configuration. This is not a problem with modern transeivers operating at the approved power of less then 10watts. Most radios will automatically adjust output power to compensate for any user error or incorrect application.

Why use a vest mounted antenna?

The antenna is designed to keep the antenna from becoming a distractor in the field of view to the radio operator. Primarily for inter squad communications and not for reach back communications. It provides limited tactical advantage to the operator as to not mark him as a radio operator at typical tactical engagement ranges.

What is the correct way to connect my VMAS into my kit?

We find that the vest mounted antenna works best when routed over the operators shoulder and then back up towards the shoulder moving over at least one webbing receptacle on molle webbing.

*Antenna tested in this configuration

How does the VMAS compare to other antennas?

The vest-mounted antenna is going to provide you greater flexibility; especially when operating in restricted urban or natural terrain. It will also provide you the ability to walk on extended patrols without the distraction of an antenna whipping about in your field of view, it will never replace a long whip for long range communications.

Is the VMAS suitable for civilian radios?

With the correct connection, power and frequency settings yes.