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24" Antenna Relocation Cable (ARC)

  • TNC
  • BNC
  • BNC RA
  • TNC RA
  • TNC F
  • TNC RA F
  • BNC RA
  • BNC
  • Desert Special
  • OD Green
  • Coyote Brown
  • Wolf Grey
  • Black
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The 24" antenna relocation cable (ARC) allows tactical communicators to relocate their antennas to improve line of sight communications, reduce the potential for interference and decrease target distractions caused by antennas inside their field of view. Insuring LOS (Line of Sight) antennas are as high as possible with as much of the antenna as high on the communicator as possible can cause drastic increases in communications efficiency. 

The 24" ARC accomplishes this by moving the antenna away from the operator’s radio using a large variety of our all-black RF Connectors to relocate an antenna directly to a communicator's backplate.

The ARC is covered with an abraded sleeve to resist cuts and abrasions. The material has a UL and CSA flame resistant rating of VW-1 and is Berry Amendment compliant.

  • All black RF connection hardware
  • 24'' of low loss cable protected in abrasion-resistant sheathing
  • one year manufactures warranty (outlined in terms of service)
  • Made in the USA

Adapter Packs (clickable links) :

Baofeng Radio (SMA-M Port on Radio)

Yeasu Radio (SMA-F Port on Radio)

Military Radio (TNC-F Port on Radio)